Wealth Management


Wealth Management


«If you’re looking for a sustainable investment approach with a long-term view – Independet Capital Group is the ideal partner for you».


Our Core Competencies are Wealth Management as well as Advisory. Our strong commitment to quality fulfils the highest industry standards for private and institutional investors.


ICG’s Wealth management and Advisory approach is sustainable and follows a long term view. The Asset Allocation is dependent on the individual goals of every client as well as on macroeconomic factors, relative risks and investment opportunities perceived by our experienced investment professionals. The realisation and implementation of the individual strategy is based on a “Core-Satellite-Approach”, where we select cost-efficient core investment products with actively managed or theme-based satellite-investment-solutions as add-on. The core of a client’s portfolio follows a strategic long-term view, where a portion of the portfolio will be allocated in short-term tactical investment opportunities to provide an enhanced yield. To keep the expenses on a minimum level, we try to avoid large portfolio reallocation.

Based on our systematic investment approach we try to select the investment solutions with major investment opportunities for our clients. A thoughtful due-diligence, where we evaluate chances and risks is done prior to the effective allocation. Our long-term goal is to generate a risk adjusted return with a bespoke investment strategy.



Our main custodians are the following institutes


  • UBS Switzerland AG
  • Bank Vontobel AG
  • LGT Bank AG
  • Bank am Bellevue AG
  • Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG
  • Luzerner Kantonalbank AG


With a respective transaction volume, we can also provide a relationship with different institutes.

Wealth Management


Discretionary Asset Management

You want to focus on what’s really matter in life and let experienced investment professional take care of your investments? Take your time to do what you really wish and let us do what we do best. With a jointly-developed investment strategy we will do our very best to ensure that you achieve your goals.


You want to take care on your own portfolio but wish advisory on key questions? As an independent asset management firm we’re free from all constraints and can provide you with solutions which fits you the best. You can profit from our long-standing investment professional team.

Special Mandates

You’re looking for an investment solution specifically bespoke to your needs? The team at independent capital group can develop a strategy for every asset class there is. It doesn’t matter if it’s in traditional classes like equities or fixed-income or if it’s a more exotic and complex structure like hedge funds or private equity investments.

Supplementary Services

You’re looking for advice about home financing, retirement or even tax optimisation? We can provide you with advice in every life situation. Our relations to the industry allows us to bring you in contact with experts where we join you on your path to achieve your goals and fulfil your needs.

Wealth Management

Investement Strategy

How much risk are you willing and able to take? What are your expectations about returns? Also, what is your horizon? These are only some of many central questions we need to have a clarifying discussion about to develop the perfect investment strategy for your needs on which your portfolio will be based on. With our strictly adopted systematic investment approach, we guarantee to follow your respective strategy and provide a balance between performance and risk. 


Amid diverse and bespoke specialised strategies, we provide classic strategies like defensive, balanced and dynamic as our exemplary portfolios. The core difference between these strategies are the risk return expectations. We believe, investors with a healthy risk appetite, should have risk in their portfolio to a certain degree. 

The following graphic emphasise this philosophy:

Wealth Management

Investement Process

A structured investment process and philosophy is mandatory to see chances and weight risk. In the very centre are your goals and needs as well as your detailed return objectives, willingness and ability to bear risk and of course you’re investment horizon. As soon as we worked out the framework of your investment philosophy, we define your bespoke investment strategy. The strategic asset allocation builds the core of your portfolio, which is the long-term driver of the portfolios return.

To get hold of short-term investment opportunities, the portfolio gets enhanced with its tactical asset allocation which allows a deviation from the core investment strategy. This part of the portfolio is actively and dynamically managed. To locate these short to midterm investment opportunities, it is essential to have a strict and disciplined decision making process. Our team developed a systematic model which gives us signals on how and when to act – without a negative emotional behaviour. Thanks to this in-house model, we can enhance your opportunity/risk profile sustainably.

Wealth Management


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Dietrich Joos

  • Prior founder of Gateway Capital Group AG in 1997; senior portfolio manager with F. Hoffmann-
    La Roche AG; financial analyst, UBS AG
  • Economist (lic. rer. pol.), University of Basel
Dietrich Joos

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Stephan Schelling

  • Prior CIO and Portfolio Manager with Swiss ALP Asset Management AG, investment specialist for alternative investments  with UBS and Goldman Sachs
  • Swiss Finance Institute, Executive Program
  • Bsc in Business Administration, University of Applied Sciences, Chur, Southeast Switzerland
Stephan Schelling

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